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What Size Bike Should I Buy?

Bikes come in many different shapes and sizes, and knowing which one will fit can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you choose.

Different types of bikes have different methods of sizing; for example, road bikes are measured by the length of the top tube, whereas mountain bikes are measured by the length of the seat tube. A "medium" road bike frame for example, will usually have a top tube length of between 54 - 56cm and will be suitable for a rider height of 168 - 175cm. A "medium" size mountain bike however will often have a seat tube length of 17" - 18" and will be suitable for a rider who is around 168cm - 178cm tall.

Comfort bikes including some electric models, will often only have one size, as the geometry of the bike is more relaxed and less critical to the bike's handling. Typically you will find that they have plenty of adjustment built in, like adjustable stems or a quick-release seat posts which allow riders to change the geometry of the bike to their liking.

It's important to note that although bike sizes are fairly standard, they can differ slightly depending on the brand. You can usually find specific sizing recommendations on brands' websites.

If you have any more questions about bike sizing, or want advice about choosing a bike that will suit your requirements, please get in touch via the contact section of the website.

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